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The sight of cherry blossoms exploding in swaths of white and pink in the spring is nothing short of a spectacle. The stunning shades of pink blooms are something nobody wants to miss. As the saying goes, “shorter, the sweeter,” cherry blossoms have a short blooming season of just about ten days in the spring. As you walk by the cherry trees in your area, you might have noticed a faint smell. It may seem like a familiar smell, and you may be wondering, “What does cherry blossom actually smell like?” Let’s explore cherry blossoms and their scent.

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What does cherry blossom smell like?

The scent of cherry blossoms is faint but pleasant. You might not notice it at first, but if you take a deep breath in while standing beneath a tree, you’ll catch hints of vanilla, rose, and lilac. Some people say the smell is sweet and fruity like flowers—either way, it’s sure to put you in a good mood. People have different opinions about the scent of cherry blossoms. Some say it smells like almond, peach, or green apple. Others claim it smells like marzipan. And some people believe that cherry blossoms don’t have a scent at all. Just as the flower is mystical, so is its fragrance enigmatic.

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What does cherry blossom perfume smell like?

Cherry blossoms give off a delicate, sweet smell, and that makes them a popular choice for perfume. You can even call its scent flowery and feminine. The Japanese variety of cherry blossoms has a light, floral scent and it is the most common type used in perfume.

Cherry blossom perfume generally has top notes of watermelon, plum, wisteria petals, and green notes; middle notes of freesia and cherry blossom; and base notes of sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. This unique combination of scents gives off a light, feminine fragrance, just perfect for springtime. Suitable for any occasion, perfumes made from cherry blossoms are calming and uplifting.

Is the scent of cherry blossom attractive?

Few scents are as well-known or beloved as the fragrance of cherry blossoms. This distinct smell is often used in perfumes and other types of scents because it is not overwhelming but still perceptible. The lovely, sweet aroma of cherry blossoms comes from a chemical compound called benzaldehyde.

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Do cherry blossoms smell like fish?

Yes, cherry blossoms can smell like fish on rare occasions. The flowers smell like rotting fish when they release a chemical called methyl jasmonate. When a cherry tree or plant is prone to damage, the flowers release this chemical as a defence mechanism. The main purpose of methyl jasmonate is to attract predators looking for food and, at the same time, prevent other animals from feeding on the plant. However, this phenomenon happens only when the plant suffers some kind of damage, for example, in the case of drastic temperature changes or heavy rain.

Is the cherry blossom fragrance popular?

The cherry blossom fragrance is extremely popular. The cherry blossom scent is used in conjunction with the fragrance of mimosa petals, crisp pears, and sweet sandalwood. Nearly 30 million units of this fragrance mixture are sold every year.

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Does the smell of cherry blossoms have medicinal properties?

Of course, yes. The Japanese believe that cherry blossoms have healing properties, and so does their smell. The sweet, floral scent of cherry blooms is known to be intoxicating. The scent instantly induces relaxation and relaxes your mind. Holistically, the fragrance of cherry blossoms is evocative of new hope, a fresh beginning, and the transience of life.


I hope the article gives you a good understanding of the smell of cherry blossoms as well as a lot of other interesting facts about this incredible, mystical flower. To recap the important points:

  • What do cherry blossoms smell like? They have a faint, fruity, and floral aroma reminiscent of the scents of vanilla, rose, peach, green apple, and plum.
  • Cherry blossoms offer aromatic benefits that have revitalising and soothing effects on the skin.
  • Cherry blossoms hold a special place in the hearts of the Japanese as they symbolise the essence of the moment, the impermanence of beauty, mindfulness, and morality.
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People Also Ask

What are cherry blossoms good for?

The scent of cherry blossoms is known to provide aromatic benefits that focus on calming, revitalising, and restoring skin. The cherry blossoms are known to be packed with a high content of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. They have excellent moisturising and nourishing properties. So, they are great for the skin and are largely used in the cosmetic industry.

What do cherry blossoms feel like?

While the cherry blossom tree is strong and sturdy, the blooms feel very delicate. You can observe the breeze rustling the foliage and flowers. The petals of cherry blossoms symbolise the fragility of life, while the branches signify strength.

What is special about cherry blossoms?

While people across the world admire cherry blossoms for their divine beauty, the cherry blossoms hold a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people. Known as “Sakura” in Japanese, cherry blossoms are a significant element of Japanese culture and traditions.

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What do cherry blossoms symbolise?

In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms symbolise the fleeting nature of existence, a time of renewal, the essence of the moment, and the impermanence of beauty. The flower is connected to the Buddhist themes of mindfulness, mortality, and living in the present. The incredibly beautiful flowers that bloom for a short span of time are an ageless metaphor for human existence. The blooming season of cherry blossoms is glorious and intoxicating, but unfortunately short-lived – an awesome visual reminder that our lives are fleeting as well!

What do cherry blossoms signify in China?

In China, cherry blossoms signify love and the intriguing female mystique of strength, beauty, and sexuality. In general, these blooms symbolise power in China. It’s an indicator of female dominance.

Why are cherry blossoms strongly linked with Japan?

Cherry blossoms are an integral part of the Japanese worship of nature. However, cherry blossoms have also historically symbolised the short yet vibrant lives of the samurai (aristocratic warriors). During World War II, cherry blossom emblems adorned the aeroplanes of kamikaze pilots. Well, kamikaze pilots are Japanese pilots who flew suicide attacks against enemy targets.

Moreover, every year in the spring, the Japanese celebrate Hanami or the “Cherry Blossom Festival” when the cherry trees are in full bloom. People gather for a picnic under the picturesque fully bloomed cherry blossom trees for food, drink, companionship, songs, and to admire the beauty of these incredible flowers. In general, for the Japanese, the cherry blossoms signify beauty, violence, and both birth and death. 

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Are cherry blossoms edible?

Yes, cherry blossoms are edible and are used in a number of traditional sweets and teas in Japan. The leaves and petals are first pickled and later used in recipes for candies, cakes, and cookies. Preserved blossoms are used to brew tea and make cocktails.

How do cherry blossoms taste?

The taste of cherry blossoms is subtle. It is mildly floral and slightly bitter, and there is a touch of earthiness. In Japan, cherry blossoms are used to flavour sweets. Infused in floral teas, it works wonders. Besides, these flowers are sometimes used as an ingredient in several seasonal cocktails.

What is the life span of cherry blossom trees?

In general, a cherry blossom tree lasts only about 16 to 20 years. However, a few species tend to live longer. For example, black cherry trees are known to live up to 250 years!          

Will I get arrested for plucking a cherry blossom?

Yes, you will be. While it may sound absurd, removing a cherry blossom or branch is an offence in Washington, D.C. The act is considered vandalism of federal property in the city, and it can sometimes lead to an arrest!

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