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A string trimmer also called a weed eater, is an important tool if you have a garden to maintain. It is designed to cut weeds and grass, particularly in places a lawnmower cannot access easily. You won’t be using the trimmer often during the winter season, so, storing it appropriately is crucial if you want to maintain its condition.

When it comes to storage, the first obvious question will be, “Should I store the trimmer vertically or horizontally?” Well, there are quite a few factors involved and here in this article, I’ll share with you some significant inputs on trimmer storage.

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Trimmer storage vertical or horizontal?

While there are a few different aspects involved in the debate between storing a trimmer in vertical and horizontal positions, in my opinion, the best approach is to hang the trimmer vertically. When you hang your string trimmer vertically, you are not only maximising storage space in your shed or garage but also preventing any sort of damage to the tool while it’s hanging. Ensure that you hang the trimmer with its engine up so that the fluids within the motor don’t leak. Vertical storage of your trimmer using DIY or commercial wall hangers is ideal.

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How to hang an electric trimmer?

 If you are using an electric trimmer, hang it vertically and make sure the cutting side is down. This is because many people who use electric trimmers tend to hang them by the guard or the lower handle, which can damage the tool in the long run. The handles of the trimmer may crack and break, pushing the device further away from the wall when hanging. As a result, the chance of your trimmer falling from the wall increases. While it may seem convenient to hang your electric trimmer by the guard on the wall, it’s a bad idea.

Why should you hang a string trimmer vertically?

Many professionals and manufacturers in the lawn care domain recommend hanging the string trimmer vertically for several reasons. I will list some of the key advantages of hanging a trimmer vertically below:

  • Saves space
  • There’s no pressure on the delicate components of the trimmer
  • There isn’t a build-up of dust and dirt
  • Prevents fluid leakage (gas-powered models)
  • Hanging the trimmer horizontally or storing it on the ground causes damage to the fragile parts like the spool, guard, and line cutter (in the case of electric trimmers)
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What happens if you store the trimmer horizontally?

As we’ve just discussed the benefits of storing the trimmer vertically, it’s quite important to know why you should actually avoid horizontal storage. The biggest consequences of storing your string trimmer horizontally are:

  • Wasted space
  • Pressure on delicate parts of the tool
  • Oil or gas leaks from the engine

What are the different types of string trimmers?

There are three main types of string trimmers. They are:

Cordless string trimmers

These trimmers use a battery to power them. The battery supplies the chemical energy to move the device. You don’t have to stress much about storing these cordless string trimmers; they’re easy to maintain and store.

Electric string trimmers

These string trimmers are powered by electrical energy. The tool has a cord to connect to the power source. While electric trimmers are very effective, their only restriction is that the cord will often limit the area of your garden or lawn your tool can get to.

Gas string trimmers

These trimmers run on gasoline to move around the lawn. In terms of storage, this unit seems to cause the greatest stress. However, if you follow the storage ideas I’ve shared here, you can store them safely without any damage.

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How to store my string trimmer for winter?

There are some good storage practices you can consider to store your string trimmer for winter. Generally, when it’s winter, you will possibly be tempted to just leave your string trimmer in your shed or garage and move on. However, if you do so, you may regret it later. You should take some preventative storage steps. So, what are the best practices to remember before you store your string trimmer during the winter months?

  1. First, clean it. You must clean your trimmer thoroughly before storing it. Clear all of the dust, grass, dirt, or other particles stuck to it. If it’s a gas string trimmer, make sure you have cleaned the fins of debris. It’s in the fins that the heat transfer takes place, and if these get clogged up, you’ll end up with a gas trimmer that overheats. If needed, use water to rinse the working end and allow it to dry.
  2. Second, inspect the trimmer. After cleaning your trimmer, do a good inspection of the tool.
  3. Finally, grease the shaft if your model requires it. However, some trimmers are pre-greased with a sealed system, facilitating prolonged use of the tool.
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Basic Gas Trimmer Maintenance

You have to maintain your string trimmer to have it run well. Remember to check your trimmer manual to see what the manufacturer has to say about the maintenance part. Every manual comes with some information on maintenance, and this is the first thing to check before trying anything else.

Generally, the manuals have a schedule you can follow as far as maintenance is concerned. However, you can check the following as a part of your maintenance routine:

  • If you are using a gas trimmer, be sure to use fresh fuel that is appropriately mixed. Check if there are fuel leaks or any compromises in the fuel lines and primer bulb.
  • Check the air filter. Some air filters can be cleaned while a few have to be replaced. Since they aren’t inexpensive, it’s good practice to have a new one when you start each season
  • Keep the fuel filter clean. If the fuel filter gets clogged, your trimmer may fail to start. Even if the device starts, it may choke down and eventually die when throttled.
  • Don’t forget to inspect the spark plug. Clean it using gasoline and a small wire brush or toothbrush if it appears a little grimy.

Storage solutions to hang a string trimmer

I’ve got a couple of solutions to hang your string trimmers, regardless of whether they are cordless, electric, or gas models:

Brackets and Hooks – You can use a simple plywood bracket to install your string trimmer on the wall in your shed or garage. Just measure the height to hammer in the bracket. Make sure it is high enough so that the trimmer doesn’t touch the ground and there’s enough space for you to store other tools beneath. Fix two hooks onto the wall to hang the string trimmer.

Shelving Racks – Shelving racks are a great alternative to hanging a string trimmer. You can make a shelving rack yourself or buy one from a hardware store. If you’re making it yourself, start with making custom slotted shelves or racks using plywood. Then, make holes to secure them. It’s an easy job if you are a DIY enthusiast. Otherwise, you have a myriad of options in hardware stores.


So…trimmer storage, vertical or horizontal? Obviously, hanging your trimmer vertically is the best approach, and there are sufficient reasons for it. String trimmers are an important tool in your lawn arsenal, and I believe now you have a clear understanding of the appropriate ways to store them. Let’s summarise:

  • Vertical storage of string trimmers saves space, prevents gas leaks, and ensures the fragile parts of the trimmer are not damaged.
  • it’s important that you clean, maintain, and store your string trimmer properly to keep it running well for a longer period of time.
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