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Dawn dish soap deer repellent – Why it’s great

So you're having problems with deer eating your plants and shrubs in your yard... Dawn dish soap is a pH-neutral liquid dishwashing degreaser that was first produced in blue in 1973 and now comes in a variety of other lovely colors, including green, red, orange, and even pink. However, Dawn dish soap isn't simply for the dishes my friends, this stuff is dynamite, versatile and great for keeping deer out of your yard.
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Can rabbits eat rose petals?

Rabbits are interesting creatures that can be found in a variety of habitats all over the world. They are known for their big ears and long hind legs, both of which help them to cover great distances when running at speed.
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How to take care of drift roses

Drift roses are beautiful flowers that are often used in bouquets and centrepieces. They are easy to care for, but you will need to learn how to take care of drift roses if you want them around for a long time. Drift roses have many different colours, so it’s important to know which ones do well in your particular area. Drift roses were developed to meet growing customer demand for smaller, more perpetual blossoming plants. These shrub roses fill a unique place in the market.
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How to get rid of black spots on roses

Roses are popular across the world, and they aren't just beautiful displays in gardens. They aren't only a beautiful addition to a garden; they're also given as a sign of affection, love, or even as part of one of life's most significant days.
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How to Get Rid of Aphids on Hibiscus

Aphids are pesky little pests that like to suck the life out of plants. These aphids can be found on hibiscus and other plant life, but luckily they're pretty easy to get rid of! The quickest method to get rid of the aphids is to eliminate them as soon as possible. However, how do you do it?
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How many petals does a rose have?

The rose is often seen as a symbol of love and beauty. It is such an iconic flower that it has become the national flower for many countries including England, France, Ireland, Lebanon and Bulgaria. Since at least the second millennium BC, roses have been cultivated in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Roses were worn for ornament and also had healing properties in ancient times.
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The best iceberg rose care tips for ultimate colour and health

North east garden advantages and disadvantages… When you’re preparing to relocate, the new garden might be very significant to you. Homeowners who take pleasure in their green thumb may not anticipate the changes that come with a garden that faces north-east.
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10 tips to stop cats pooping in your garden

Cats are an animal that people love to have around all over the UK. They’re cute, fluffy and they can be very entertaining. But there’s one thing that many garden owners don’t like: their neighbor’s cats going to the toilet in their garden.
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why are my rose leaves turning yellow?

In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why roses leaves turn yellow. This might not be a symptom that is always easy to identify, but it is one that can really affect the health and beauty of your rose bush.