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snow queen vs marble queen pothos

The Snow Queen Pothos is a type of pothos plant, while the Marble Queen Pothos is a type of philodendron. The Snow Queen and Marble Queen pothos have distinct colour differences in their leaves. The colour of Marble Queen is milky rather than white. In contrast, snow queen has leaves with pure white variegation and less green.
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50 best gardening hacks of all time

Do you have a home garden? Are you looking for interesting gardening tips and tricks to grow your choice of plants in it? Gardening is a fantastic hobby for those that are enthusiastic about it and there’s always so much to learn and new tricks to find out. Well, whether you are cultivating only vegetables, flowers, herbs or all of them, these gardening hacks will bring you success for sure.
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11 Garden Plants to Help Keep Bugs Away

The summer season is in full swing, although the sunshine isn’t always consistent with living in the UK. Hopefully, you are getting your garden all ready for friends and family to visit, but you’re starting to get worried about the increasing numbers of bugs and flies that keep lingering around in the air.
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