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Can skunks climb? Everything you need to know

Skunks are mammals that belong to the family Mephitidae. There are many different types of skunk, most of which live in North America, Central America and parts of South America. They are also found on the Indonesian and Philippine islands.
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How to get rid of black fly on broad beans

Blackfly also referred to as bean aphid, and beet leaf aphid are small, black sap-sucking insects that are often found in gardens. The adults are about 1-2mm in size and have a pointed head and thorax. They also have wings, which they use to fly from plant to plant.
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Tomato Bugs and Pesticides: An Informational Guide

Tomato bugs are a common problem for tomato gardeners. There are many ways to deal with these pests, including using pesticides. However, it is important to understand the risks associated with using pesticides before you decide whether or not to use them.
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Can You Get Rid Of Spiders With Peppermint Oil?

Spiders, our eight-legged little pals, visit our home gardens in the United States during the springtime. In the spring, egg sacks that they had deposited in early fall begin to hatch. Food sources are accessible now because of the warmth in the environment whilst they get ready for summer.
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Are Garter Snakes Poisonous & Should You Remove Them?

Commonly known as garden snakes, garter snakes can be certainly unsettling. Suppose you’re doing some plant care, walking with your pet, or playing with your little one in the garden and suddenly you spot it slither by you. The first thing that’ll happen to you is a shiver down your spine!
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How to Get Rid of Ant Hills

When you spot mounds of soil in your yard, it's a sure sign that there are thousands of underground visitors seeking to invade your house and lawn. You can't just ignore the fact that ant hills are an eyesore in your yard. Furthermore, these mounds impede plant and grass growth in your garden by disturbing their natural and simultaneous development.
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How to get rid of woodlice in your house and in the garden

Woodlice are a common household pest in the UK, and they can also be found in gardens. They come into your home by hiding in rotting wood or underground coverings, where they lay eggs that hatch to produce more woodlice. Pillbugs are small, oval-shaped crustaceans that can be found in the United Kingdom. The most prevalent species is an oval-shaped crustacean, which is readily identified by its horizontal ridges and brown/grey colouration.
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Leather jackets bugs and how to get rid

If you've recently found an occurrence of yellowish patches in your garden where the grass has died off, there is a high chance that your garden is having a leather jacket infestation. Leather jacket bugs are common in UK gardens and there are several ways you can get rid of them.
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10 tips to stop cats pooping in your garden

Cats are an animal that people love to have around all over the UK. They’re cute, fluffy and they can be very entertaining. But there’s one thing that many garden owners don’t like: their neighbor’s cats going to the toilet in their garden.