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Indoor Trees Low Light – 11 of my favorite

If there is enough space inside your house, you can always consider growing indoor trees or tall, tree-like plants that not only add to the aesthetics but also help create a peaceful atmosphere. But the problem with growing indoor trees is that not all spaces inside the house are well-lit. Well, you can always choose to grow indoor trees that thrive in low light. So, what are the indoor trees that don’t need much light to survive?
What is growing out of my palm tree

What is growing out of my palm tree?

So you've noticed something different... "what on earth is that growing out of my palm tree"? Don't worry, we've all been there. It's a little unnerving when you see something odd sprouting from your palm tree. Is it parasitic? Is it normal? Is it some sort of alien lifeform taking refuge in my treasured palm tree? (probably not) Let's find out: