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How long should I keep my dog off new sod

How long should I keep my dog off new sod? Here’s the answer

You know, there's nothing quite like raising a dog. the simple pleasure of walking beside your pal in the fresh air, throwing a stick, and taking some quiet time away from the world with your very best friend. Unfortunately, dogs can be tough on our yards. If you've just had newly laid sod installed, you're probably wondering how long you should keep your pup off of it to give the grass a chance to take root. We have the answer!
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Army Worms Lawn Damage Solution

The name armyworms come from the way they attack in an army formation, leading to vast devastation. Armyworms exist all year round but they occasionally make their way from one host to another, damaging acres of lawns and plants. The attack of these tiny insects occurs so quickly that it often doesn’t give much time to the gardeners for counteraction. For all the above reasons, you should be careful of these pesky creatures if you own a garden.
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How Often To Water New Grass Seed?

It takes a lot of effort, money and time to seed one’s lawn with new grass. When you're done with it, you tend to feel relaxed but you can't afford to relax for long. That's because there are many more responsibilities to be undertaken and tasks you need to follow up with. One of the most important things you need to do is water your new grass seed.