North East Facing Garden Advantages and Disadvantages

North East Facing Garden Advantages and Disadvantages… When you’re preparing to relocate, the new garden might be very significant to you.

Homeowners who take pleasure in their green thumb may not anticipate the changes that come with a garden that faces north-east.

The north east facing garden is one of the most popular choices for many homeowners who want to grow plants. 

It has a lot of advantages, but it also has some disadvantages that you should be aware of before planting your garden in this direction.

In this article, we will take a look at both sides so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use the north east orientation for your own landscape design.

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Who are north-facing gardens suitable for?

For those who love tanning, sunbathing in the sun, and hosting pool parties, a home with a garden that faces north-east might not be ideal. It’s less likely to receive direct sunlight since they aren’t the warmest gardens in town.

With that being said, if you want to have lunch outside, like throwing parties with no one getting sunburned, and are fine with adjusting the plants that you typically cultivate, this may be the garden for you. Let’s see what the advantages and disadvantages are next.

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North East Facing Garden Advantages

The most important advantage of using North east facing garden is it takes little work to maintain because there’s very little direct sunlight during winter time which can mean fewer weeds. This type of layout also allows you to benefit from having cooler temperatures in the summertime without much risk of heat damage so it’s well suited for lots of different types of decorative landscaping styles including water gardens, rockeries, flowerbeds and more.

As a side remark, you might find that having a pond or a small well in your garden is beneficial. They are lovely features, and fish don’t require sunlight to survive. There’s nothing more beautiful than sitting beside the pond reading a good book or watching a movie on Netflix.

Consider the possibilities rather than the missed opportunities. Each garden is one-of-a-kind, and just a little imagination is enough to make it seem fantastic.

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What kinds of plants and flowers like shade?

The snowdrop may provide a touch of elegance and calm to your garden. These blooms will happily blossom at the end of winter and are a lovely plant to have in bloom as you wait for the spring flowers to take centre stage.

The bellflower, which has a bluebell shape to it, is another beautiful bloom. These flowers are useful in attracting bees, who can help pollinate the rest of your north east facing garden. Having the correct soil, enough water, and pollination for a garden that doesn’t receive much sun is critical.

The campanula is another fantastic option because it’s low maintenance and absolutely stunning. These little flowers only need to be planted in the spring, but they do require enough water throughout their lifetime (which isn’t very long).

Hydrangeas are beautiful, colourful blooms that may add a lot of beauty to your garden. They are particularly good in the shade because they require little sunlight to blossom. These flowers are also capable of lasting for several weeks so they might be a terrific choice if you want your garden to stay beautiful during the summer months.

The foxglove is another option. A lovely woodland-based plant that will thrive in part of shading. Make sure you get the right kind because some varieties of foxglove need more sun than others.

The bleeding heart plant is our final selection. These blooms are truly breathtaking. They’re a sight to behold! They’ll bring your shaded garden some much-needed colour, and they look fantastic alone or mixed with other plants and shrubs.


Great activities that suit a north-east facing garden

There’s a lot that you can do in your north-facing garden. You could easily grow lots of veggies and flowers, but there are other options including patios if it gets enough sunlight for most parts of the day. There might even be space to add a luxurious hot tub or pergola which will enhance its beauty tenfold.

As we previously stated, you may easily throw a party or a barbecue in your north-east garden since the lack of direct sunshine will keep your garden cooler throughout the summer months. It is also simple to set up a play area for any kids you have, such as a sandpit or an outdoor item like a swing set or a trampoline.


The disadvantages to a garden that faces north-east

The biggest disadvantage to a north-east facing garden is the lack of sun. If you need your plants and flowers to catch as much light as possible throughout each day, this type of garden isn’t going to work for you. If you have a garden that faces north-east, you’ll notice that it has more sunshine in the early morning. This may be ideal for early birds, but maybe not for those who want to sleep or work evenings.

The light will eventually depart your garden as the day progresses, so you’ll need to plant your flowers in such a way that only shade-loving plants are at the rear of your house.

Patios or other extensions may provide a lot of shade to homes with them. It will be tough to use those spaces as a sunroom or find an area that is extremely sunny to sit in because your home’s position won’t allow for much direct light or heat to enter.

During the winter, you might find that there is practically no sunshine at all. This is great for some, but you’ll need to plan your garden carefully and take advantage of plants (such as snowdrops) that will bloom in the shade during the colder seasons.

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Other Related Questions

Will a north east-facing garden get any sun?

A north-east facing garden will get some sun, but it isn’t very much and there may be a few hours of sunshine each day. You’ll need to plan your plants carefully so that they only grow in the shade. Some flowers such as foxgloves also do well because they can handle lots of shade throughout their lives.

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Is a north east-facing house good?

A north-east facing house isn’t as good as a south, east or west. The lack of sunshine may mean you need to be careful with your plants and flowers so that they can handle lots of shade throughout their lives. You also won’t get many hours of sunlight each day unless the sun is particularly high in the sky during certain seasons. Again, there is no right or wrong but more of a subjective opinion.

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Is a north or east-facing garden better?

There is no right or wrong answer as it depends on what you want from your garden. If you need lots of sunshine, then a south-facing garden might be better for you.

How bad is an east facing garden?

East-facing gardens are exposed to the sun most of the day. The most aggravating flaws for those who adore full light include a gloomy home in the afternoon, limited plant growth, and a possible lack of popularity as a result of not being able to grow certain plants.

Why north-facing house is so popular?

In the northern hemisphere, most of a building’s direct sunlight is received in the rear. In hotter climates, north-facing homes may benefit from lower cooling expenses throughout the summer.

Is it better to have a house facing north or south?

The majority of the day, a south-facing home gets direct sunlight, particularly at the front, and is therefore generally brighter and warmer. A north-facing house receives sun in the rear and is often darker and cooler than a similar-sized property facing south.

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What are the disadvantages of north facing house?

In chilly climates, it’s not the best idea. In general, because of less natural light, the house is darker and gloomier. Increased energy costs as a result of greater use of heaters to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. However, this disadvantage may be offset by having more south-facing windows.

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