How to make a garden arch out of pvc

Rather than pay for a landscaper to install an arbour or garden arch, you can build one yourself by following these instructions. 

If you know how to use certain tools and materials, it is easy to save money by building a garden arch using PVC pipes.

A garden arch is an excellent foundation for various forms of plants and also beautifies the entrance to your yard. Using PVC pipes, it is easy to make an attractive garden arch without expensive materials.

A garden arch can serve other roles in addition to simply being a support for climbing plants. 

Making a garden arch with PVC pipe is much simpler than most people think. 

In the article, we’ll explore how to make your own arches and move on to making a garden next.

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Why make a garden arch made out of PVC pipe?

There are many other materials that people can use to make an arch garden. While wood or metal serve as good alternatives, the most popular material is PVC for various reasons.

They are Versatile – White pipes from PVC stand out against the plants, and they also work well with other colours of flowers and fruits.

Give Support – Because plastic pipes are flexible, you can bend them into any arch shape so that they adequately support your plants. You can also buy extra attachments for the pipe to make it turn different shapes if needed. Additionally, compared to wood and metal which can only be formed in a straight line, plastic piping has more freedom giving you greater versatility with designing your garden.

Durable – In order to prevent wooden materials from excessive water and insect damage, you must coat it with weather-resistant chemicals.

Low maintenance – Once you make your arch, there’s no extra maintenance required. Wood and metal need to be treated with chemicals for rust resistance and painted over time.

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What to remember before you start building

To make a pvc arch, you will want to consider the quality of materials. You can easily construct an arch that visually improves the look of your garden by using PVC material. We recommend using something not too heavy, but still solid enough to hold the plants without wobbling.

The second thing to do is use a strong PVC pipe frame which can stand strong against the wind. Also before buying, think of whether or not you’ll reuse it for many years.

Your budget and the amount of time you have to spend on maintaining your flowers are also factors to consider. PVC pipe is also compatible with most types of plants, so it would make a good selection for your beautiful garden arch.

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The Process of making a Garden Arch With PVC Pipe

The following section of this post will provide a detailed step-by-step process that you can use to build your own garden arch from PVC pipe.

Layout the Materials – Have all materials laid out and prepare to dig holes for each section. For each arch, lay the pipe at least five feet apart leaving enough space. Gauge your location for your arch and mark it on the ground with a trowel or other marking tool.

Ideally, you want the holes to be 2 inches deep and five feet apart in the distance. For more prominent arches, you can increase the gap between the holes.

Step 1 - Cut PVC pipes

Secure the PVC pipes to a flat surface using a bar clamp. You can use a table and hold the pipe in place with a clamp.

Measure and mark your pole with a sharpie. You can use the tape measurer to estimate the length of the archway.

To build the arches, start by cutting your PVC pipes into desired sizes using a reciprocating saw or hacksaw. Once all of the pipes are cut to an appropriate size, take them outside and lay them on the ground under what you want to walk through. Make sure there is a little space between them.

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Step 2 - Mark the location

After cutting the PVC pipes, mark your garden with the width measurements of where you will be drilling your holes.

Step 3 - Dig the garden arch holes

Using the trowel, dig two holes at least five feet apart where you will attach the garden arch. Depending on how large your garden arch is, these can be further apart.

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Step 4 - Place the pipes in the holes

Start with the first pipe before moving onto the next one. Place a PVC pipe in each of the holes on your garden arch.

To anchor the plastic pipes into the ground, we recommend using a rubber mallet. A rubber mallet provides impact without causing damage to the hands.

We recommend using strong pipes so you can get at least 6-inch pipes. Consider the depth of the arch based on how large you want it.

We recommend a space of 2.5 to 3 feet in the ground for your arch, depending on how much you plan to have it stick out of the grass.

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Step 5 - Use connectors to fix the other pipes

When you purchase the PVC pipe, sometimes it comes with other items like pipe connectors or pipe fittings. These are useful in attaching other parts of the structure.

Now you have two already fixed pipes firmly on the ground. The next step is to connect the other end of each pipe together.

The advantage of pvc is its flexibility. It can be easily attached using connectors to form arches. You can attach as many pipes as you want until it reaches the desired height.

Step 6 - Top off the archway

To determine the height, fix a tee pipe fitting at the ends of your polymer pipelines. Once completed, some people prefer a horizontal archway or one with a perpendicular or bending design.

This video will show you how to bend the pipe into a letter or wedding model. Make sure that you have your desired pattern in mind before beginning.

Step 7 - Create different arch types

After you complete your first arch, making the rest is simple. Just follow the same steps as you did with the first one.

Step 8 - Decoration

You can decorate your archway by adding a few plants or flowers. First, create an arched boundary using pvc pipe and then add some plants surrounding the entrance. To make a garden arch, decorate it with flowers and other accessories as desired. If there are many arches, adorn each one to create a beautiful pathway.


Making an archway in your garden requires nothing more than a few simple tools, and can be accomplished by anyone handy with them.

You can create a simple garden arch with only the basic tools of PVC pipe. Providing the steps needed to complete it, you can make a beautiful and cost-effective archway for your garden in no time at all. Good luck!

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