Get rid of mushrooms in your yard in 8 simple steps

Mushrooms can be a nuisance in the yard. Not only do they look unsightly, but they can also be dangerous if you or your pets happen to eat them.

Mushrooms not only detract from the natural beauty of your lawn, but they can also be harmful to children and pets, as well as emitting fly-attracting scents, adding to the existing problem. 

While there are many store-bought solutions, you can get rid of mushrooms in the yard with common household items.

Mushrooms are lawn fungi that can break down organic material in the grass, deposit nutrients into the soil, and aid soil retention by having extensive root systems. So having mushrooms in your lawn may not necessarily be a bad thing, however, we understand if you want to get rid of them for aesthetic reasons!

In this article, we will discuss eight ways to get rid of mushrooms in your yard. Keep reading for helpful tips that will have those pesky mushrooms gone in no time!

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Why Do Mushrooms Appear On Lawns?

Mushrooms can grow on garden lawns for a few reasons. One reason is that the environment is perfect for them to grow, such as in shaded areas or near trees. Fallen leaves provide the necessary nutrients for mushrooms to grow, and moist conditions are also ideal. If you have recently mulched your garden, there is a higher chance of mushrooms growing since the organic material provides a good food source.

Another reason why mushrooms grow in yards is because of the type of soil present. soils that are high in organic matter or clay content are more likely to have mushrooms growing in them. Sandy soils don’t usually support mushroom growth.

mushroom growth

Mushroom Ecology

Mushrooms are fascinating organisms that play an important role in the environment. There are many different types of mushrooms, and they can be found in different habitats all over the world.

Mushrooms are a type of fungus, and they get their energy from breaking down organic material. This can include dead plants and animals, as well as compost or manure. In fact, visible mushrooms are an essential part of the composting process, as they help to break down the materials into usable nutrients for plants.

Mushrooms also have an important role in the soil. They help to improve soil structure by creating pores that allow water and air to penetrate. They also deposit nutrients into the soil, which helps to fertilize it. And finally, mushrooms help to bind soil particles together, which aids in soil retention.

Animal feces, dead grass, dead leaves, and even branches and old decayed tree trunks, as well as sub-terranean roots, are all typical features of a yard. These are all tremendous food sources for mushrooms to transform into useable nutrients for other plants.

dead leaves cause mushrooms

In What Way Do Mushrooms Spread?

Mushrooms spread via spores. Spores are tiny reproductive cells that are released by the fungus and carried on the wind to new locations. They land, begin new mushroom colonies, and do so in great numbers.

Mushrooms, according to a University of California Los Angeles scientist, Marcus Roper, generate their own “wind” to assist with spore dissemination. The moisture in mushrooms evaporates, producing both cool air and water vapor around the mushroom. This provides the spores with enough lift to spread out. The spores may be carried up to four inches higher and beyond by the mushrooms’ natural “wind.”

Spores can go dormant in dry or stressful years, awaiting the appropriate moment to develop new mushrooms and colonies.

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How To Get Rid Of Mushrooms In Yard

Mushrooms can be a difficult problem to address, and there are several techniques for eradicating them from your lawn. You may utilize any technique that works best for you and your budget, or you may try a combination of approaches to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Although they do have a form of beauty about them, for safety reasons it is important to remove mushrooms where they may come into contact with people or pets.

Here is an outline of the best ways to remove lawn mushrooms below:

  • Fungicides
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Dish Soap
  • Removal of organic material
  • Moisture Control
  • By Hand
  • Nitrogen Fertilizer

How To Kill Mushrooms Using Fungicide

One of the most common ways to get rid of mushrooms is by using fungicide. Fungicide is a poison that kills fungi, and it can be very effective at getting rid of mushrooms.

There are many different types and brands of fungicide available, so it’s important to read the label carefully to make sure you’re using the right product for your needs. It’s also important to follow the directions on the label exactly, as using too much or too little fungicide can be ineffective or even dangerous.

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Natural Ways How To Get Rid Of Mushrooms In Lawn

The most natural approach to getting rid of mushrooms in your yard is for them to expire on their own.

Mushrooms grow in the mass of organic material that is decomposing and breaking down. Once this cycle has run its course, the mushrooms will naturally die off and vanish. By mowing or trimming any obvious sources of decaying matter, such as old rotten stumps, tree branches, animal waste, and grass clippings and thatch with a rake on a regular basis, you can help accelerate this process.


Another natural and effective way to get rid of mushrooms is to use vinegar. Vinegar is a mild acid that can kill mushrooms, and it’s also safe to use around people and pets.

To use vinegar to get rid of mushrooms, mix one-part vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle. Then, simply spray the mixture onto the mushrooms you want to get rid of. The vinegar will kill the mushrooms within 24 hours.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another common household item that can be used to get rid of mushrooms. Baking soda is a basic substance that neutralizes the acidic environment that fungi need to grow.

To use baking soda, simply mix one cup of baking soda with two cups of water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture onto the mushrooms you want to get rid of. The baking soda will kill the mushrooms within 24 hours.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is another common household item that can be used to get rid of mushrooms. Dish soap breaks down the cell walls of fungi, causing them to dehydrate and die.

To use dish soap, mix one tablespoon of dish soap with two cups of water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture onto the mushrooms you want to get rid of. The dish soap will kill the mushrooms within a week to 10 days.

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What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Mushrooms In My Yard?

Clean up

First, make sure your yard is clean to eliminate mushrooms from your lawn. Remove dead branches, leaves, and any other decaying organic materials from the lawn. If allowed to remain in the yard, it provides a fantastic food source for mushrooms to grow. As a result of this, eliminating it will aid in controlling the mushroom population.

Moisture Control

Mushrooms are fungi, and as such, they need moisture to grow. If your lawn is constantly wet or damp, it creates an ideal environment for mushrooms to proliferate. To get rid of mushrooms in your yard, you need to find and fix any sources of excessive moisture. This may include fixing leaky gutters, pipes, or irrigation systems. It could also mean aerating compacted soil to improve drainage or adding topsoil to raise the level of your lawn so it slopes away from your home’s foundation. A simple fix, of course, would be the hose your lawn less.

By Hand

In many cases, the best way to get rid of mushrooms in your yard is simply by hand-picking them. This method is most effective when there are only a few mushrooms growing in your yard. For best results, pick the mushrooms in the morning after the dew has dried but before the sun has risen too high and begun to evaporate moisture from the fungi. To get rid of them, place them in a bucket or bag and dispose of them in the garbage. Do not put mushrooms on your compost pile as this will only spread the mushroom spores and cause more mushrooms to grow.


One way to get rid of mushrooms is to change your mulching habits. If you currently use organic mulches, such as wood chips or straw, consider switching to an inorganic mulch like gravel or stone. This will help prevent future outbreaks of mushrooms by denying them the food source they need to grow. You can also rake back any existing

Nitrogen Fertilizer

Another way to get rid of mushrooms is to use a nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen helps grass grow thick and green, which in turn helps crowd out mushrooms. Apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to your lawn according to the package directions. Be sure not to overdo it, however, as too much nitrogen can damage your lawn.

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People Also Ask

Why have I suddenly got mushrooms in my lawn?

Mushrooms can appear suddenly in lawns for a variety of reasons including changes in temperature, rainfall, or humidity; over-fertilization; and the presence of an underlying fungal disease.

How do you get rid of mushrooms organically?

There are a few organic methods you can use to get rid of mushrooms, such as hand-picking them, using dish soap or vinegar, or applying baking soda. You can also try to control them by making sure your yard is clean and free of debris and by practising moisture control.

Should I remove mushrooms from my lawn?

Mushrooms are just the visible symptoms of present beneficial fungal development, and eliminating them is a short-term solution at best. However, eradicating them swiftly may prevent additional spores from being generated and dispersed to promote more fungi.

removing mushrooms from lawn

How do I get rid of mushrooms in my lawn without killing the grass?

Add two teaspoons of baking soda to a gallon of water and mix well until dissolved. Spray the mushrooms and surrounding soil with the solution. This will retard their development and, in some circumstances, kill them.

Can I mow over mushrooms?

Mowing over mushrooms will not get rid of them and may actually cause them to spread their spores and multiply. It’s best to hand-pick them or use one of the other methods mentioned in this article.

Are the mushrooms in my yard poisonous to dogs?

Some mushrooms are poisonous to dogs, so it’s best to get rid of them just in case. If you’re not sure if the mushrooms in your yard are poisonous or not, contact a local veterinarian or take a sample of the mushroom to your local Cooperative Extension office for identification. Better safe than sorry!

dogs don't eat mushrooms

Does dog poop cause mushrooms to grow?

Mushrooms can grow in areas where there is dog poop because the feces contains nitrogen, which is a food source for mushrooms. If you want to get rid of the mushrooms, you’ll need to get rid of the dog poop as well.

Can mushrooms grow in the dark?

Mushrooms need sunlight to produce their food source, so they will not grow in complete darkness. However, they can grow in areas that are shaded or have low light levels.

What do mushrooms eat?

Mushrooms get their food from organic matter, such as leaves, wood, and animal manure. They help break down this matter so it can be used as food by other organisms.

animal manure

Do all mushrooms kill grass?

No, not all mushrooms kill grass. In fact, some mushrooms are actually beneficial to lawns because they help aerate the soil and provide nutrients for the grass to grow. However, there are also many types of mushrooms that can damage or even kill your grass if left unchecked.

Is there a fungus that looks like poop?

The Pisolithus tinctorius, also known as the “dog turd” fungus and in more polite company as the dyemaker’s puffball, may sometimes look like poop.

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