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Mango Bonsai (Guide to Cultivation and Care)

Mango Bonsai is a unique and beautiful way to grow mango trees in a miniature form. It is a type of bonsai that requires special care and attention, but the results are truly stunning. The mango tree is a symbol of abundance and prosperity in many cultures, and the Mango Bonsai is a perfect way to bring that symbolism into your home or garden.
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Are Ficus Trees Poisonous to Cats? (A Quick Guide for Pet Owners)

As a cat owner, I know it's important to be aware of the potential dangers lurking in our homes. One question that pops up frequently is whether or not ficus trees are poisonous to our feline friends. To keep my cat safe, I've done some research and discovered that the toxicity of ficus trees comes from every part of the tree, especially the leaves.
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Bonsai Tree Lifespan (All you need to know)

Bonsai trees, an ancient Japanese art form, have captivated enthusiasts worldwide with their miniature, yet naturally realistic appearance. These trees are not a specific species of dwarf plants but rather normal trees that are meticulously pruned and cared for to maintain their compact size. One intriguing aspect of how long bonsai trees last is their potential for a long lifespan, which depends on the level of care and the specific tree species.
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Black Olive Shady Lady (Bet you didn’t know this)

Underwatering is a common issue that can affect the health of an aloe plant. When an aloe plant is underwatered, it can show several signs of distress. The leaves of the plant may become droopy, curl, and turn yellow or brown at the tips. The soil in the pot may also feel warm to the touch and dry. In this article, we will explore the signs of an underwatered aloe plant and provide tips on how to revive it. We will also discuss the importance of proper watering techniques to prevent underwatering in the first place. By following these guidelines, you can ensure the health and longevity of your aloe plant.
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Burl – Everything You Need To Know

Burl is a strange and beautiful natural occurrence that happens to trees. It's basically a mass of deformed tree cells that wrap around the back of a tree trunk. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it's most often caused by stress.
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Most expensive wood – Top 10 in the world

Wood has been utilized by humans for centuries, and its value hasn't diminished one bit. You can use wood to make a plethora of things, including but not limited to furniture, flooring, crafts,aromatic wood or even used for their unique scents. Some woods are more luxurious for a variety of reasons. Here are the ten most expensive kinds of wood in the world:
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Can I throw neighbors tree branches back in their yard? Know your rights

It can be a bit of a pain when your neighbor's tree branches start encroaching on your yard. After all, it's your property and you should be able to enjoy it without having to worry about dodging tree limbs every time you step outside. So, can you throw those branches back over the fence into your neighbor's yard? Let's find out below:
Green Balls Growing on Trees

Green Balls Growing on Trees

You are here because you have seen those green balls growing on trees and are wondering what they actually are. Those green balls are indeed striking enough to create a deep curiosity in the mind of the beholder. So, what are those green balls growing on trees? Well, the green balls growing on trees are actually fruits. There is a lot of information about these fruits and the tree that you may find interesting. Let’s get to the point.
What is growing out of my palm tree

What is growing out of my palm tree?

So you've noticed something different... "what on earth is that growing out of my palm tree"? Don't worry, we've all been there. It's a little unnerving when you see something odd sprouting from your palm tree. Is it parasitic? Is it normal? Is it some sort of alien lifeform taking refuge in my treasured palm tree? (probably not) Let's find out:
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Buying a curry leaf plant or tree? read this before

Curry leaf plants are a popular herb in the Indian cooking culture. The curry leaves from these plants are used as an ingredient in many dishes, including fish, meat and lentils. It is also used for its medicinal properties to help with stomach ailments like diarrhoea or constipation.