We a taken some of our favourite garden produce and here we will share some of our most loved, easy to make recipes.

Onion Soup

How to cook onion soup

How to make onion soup… There are few differences between French onion soup and English onion soup, but they mostly depend on what region the recipe was created. For instance, the English version often includes less beef broth or white wine than its continental counterpart, which tastes sweeter because it’s made with red onions.
pumpkin harvesting

How to cook pumpkin soup

How to make pumpkin soup… now that’s the question. I have a confession to make. Up until recently, I had never actually made pumpkin soup before.
How to cook vegetable cook

How to cook vegetable soup

The history of vegetables soup is still up for debate. Many people believe vegetables soup originated in Greece during the Peloponnesian War. Vegetables soup was made with vegetables and water and was generally consumed for dinner.
Mulled Wine

How to make mulled wine

A favourite and traditional tipple consumed in the winter months around Christmas but did you know that its origins can be dated back to the 2nd century. In these early days, the Romans developed the custom of toasting with it while keeping warm.
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