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growing pepper indoors

How to overwinter your chilli plants

There are many opinions about what a perfectly healthy diet consists of but most people seem to agree that vegetables are an important component. Vegetables are low in calories yet rich in nutrients, making them perfect for vegan diets.
pvc main image

How to make a garden arch out of pvc

Rather than pay for a landscaper to install an arbour or garden arch, you can build one yourself by following these instructions. If you know how to use certain tools and materials, it is easy to save money by building a garden arch using PVC pipes.
touch me not plant main feature image

How to grow and care for the touch me not plant (mimosa pudica)

The Touch Me Not Plant, also known as the Mimosa Pudica, is a very interesting plant to grow. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and it's easy to care for! So what is it? Mimosa pudica, commonly called a touch-me-not plant due to its ability to retract its leaves when touched, is a creeping annual or perennial flowering plant of the pea/legume family.
lawn uneven

How to level an uneven garden or lawn like a pro

Ever had to deal with a garden or lawn that was uneven? It’s not just frustrating, it can also be dangerous for the people who have to walk on, especially if they are of older age. It’s also annoying having an uneven garden because it limits the types of plants that you can put in there.