Driveway gravel gravel size chart

Driveway gravel: gravel size chart

When it comes to crushed stone and gravel, there are different sizes or grades that you need to be aware of. Selecting the right product for your next project is important. Drainage, driveways, patios and roads require different types of gravel, so you need to make sure you are choosing the correct one for your driveway. In this article, I am going to walk you through the different sizes of driveway gravel and explain how to choose the best one for your needs.
Disadvantages of worm castings

Disadvantages of worm castings (don’t make this mistake!)

Worms castings, let's be honest, they look pretty disgusting. Having said that, they have a wealth of benefits from being organic, they add nutrients to your soil and help your plants to grow. However, you're not here for the advantages, are you? You want to know about the disadvantages of worm castings and I've got plenty for you:
low light indoor trees

Indoor Trees Low Light – 11 of my favorite

If there is enough space inside your house, you can always consider growing indoor trees or tall, tree-like plants that not only add to the aesthetics but also help create a peaceful atmosphere. But the problem with growing indoor trees is that not all spaces inside the house are well-lit. Well, you can always choose to grow indoor trees that thrive in low light. So, what are the indoor trees that don’t need much light to survive?
Split leaf philodendron vs monstera deliciosa

Split leaf philodendron vs monstera deliciosa

Now, I don't know about you, there are many times throughout the year when I get the overwhelming feeling to purchase a brand new houseplant to add to my ever-growing collection. There are, quite simply, so many different varieties to choose from, however, many of us are now flirting with the idea of purchasing those big green beautiful ones with holes in the leaves. So I have taken two of my favorites and made a comparison - Let's look at the Split leaf philodendron and the Monstera deliciosa:
Trimmer storage vertical or horizontal snippet image

Trimmer storage vertical or horizontal

A string trimmer also called a weed eater, is an important tool if you have a garden to maintain. It is designed to cut weeds and grass, particularly in places a lawnmower cannot access easily. You won't be using the trimmer often during the winter season, so, storing it appropriately is crucial if you want to maintain its condition.
How long for plants to recover from overwatering

How long for plants to recover from overwatering? An In-depth Guide

Plants add a dash of beauty and life to our spaces. The better you take care of your plants, the healthier they will be. While water is one of the most important requirements for plants, overwatering can cause more harm than good. Most often, people think they are helping the plants grow faster when they overwater them. They realise their mistake only when they see the plants start to die off rather than grow and flourish. Well, what is overwatering? The term says it all: supplying a plant with more water than needed. One of the foremost things you need to understand when growing plants is that you need to avoid overwatering them. Let's explore this in more detail:
What is a brushless lawn mower

What is a brushless lawn mower? Explained

So you're thinking about buying a new brushless lawn mower and you've come across little bread crumbs on the internet talking about how great they are. Don't worry, you've come to the right place! So what on earth are they?
Can you eat possum

Can you eat possum? My in-depth guide

The internet never surprises me with its wealth of knowledge and, of course, this question came up. Can you eat possum? Many of us consider opossums as a bit of a trash animal but they are actually a viable food source. They are high in protein with a whopping 28g per 85g portion! They may not be the most beautiful creatures in the world but you could have the same argument for turkeys... and we eat those ugly things at Christmas.
Snail poop main feature image

Snail poop: How do they do it and what does it look like?

Snails excrete feces from their anus, which is located towards the front of their body and inside their shell (on the same side as their head). When a snail poops, poop comes out of its anus and slides out of the shell. It resembles a long, thin sticky tube that rolls to the ground.
peppermint oil and spiders main feature image

Can You Get Rid Of Spiders With Peppermint Oil?

Spiders, our eight-legged little pals, visit our home gardens in the United States during the springtime. In the spring, egg sacks that they had deposited in early fall begin to hatch. Food sources are accessible now because of the warmth in the environment whilst they get ready for summer.