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lawn muriatic acid

Will Muriatic Acid Kill Grass? (You need to know this)

Muriatic acid is a strong and highly corrosive acid commonly used in industrial and household cleaning. However, it can be a double-edged sword when it comes to lawn care. Homeowners may wonder if muriatic acid will kill grass and if it's a good option for removing unwanted plants from their lawns. While it can be an effective weed killer, caution should be taken when using muriatic acid on lawns, as it has longevity on grass and can cause extensive damage if not cleaned up immediately.
chewings fescue

Creeping red fescue pros and cons

Creeping red fescue is a popular grass variety that is becoming more common in cool, humid locations around the world. This grass type is known for its drought, heat, and cold tolerance, as well as its ability to retain moisture. It is also quick to germinate, requires low maintenance, and is cost-effective.
removing moss

Reseeding a Moss Covered Lawn: Tips and Techniques

If you have a moss-covered lawn, you're probably wondering how to get rid of it and restore your lawn to its former glory. Reseeding your mossy lawn might be the answer you're looking for. However, it's important to understand that reseeding a moss-covered lawn requires a bit of work and patience.
new grass seeds

Slit Seeder: The Ultimate Guide to Lawn Overseeding

Slit seeding is a popular technique used to establish and maintain lawns. It involves creating small furrows in the soil and depositing grass seeds into them. This method is particularly useful for repairing damaged lawns, improving thinning grass, and introducing new grass varieties.
spartan zero turn mower

Spartan Mower Problems: Common Issues and Solutions

When planning a new driveway, one of the most important considerations is how wide it should be. The width of a driveway will depend on several factors, including the size of the vehicles that will be using it, the amount of space available, and local building codes.
mow grass

Can you cut wet grass? Let’s find out

Cutting wet grass can be a difficult task for many lawnmowers, especially for homeowners who are used to collecting the clippings as they cut. While this may present a challenge, it is possible to cut wet grass effectively with the right tools and techniques.
Pros and cons of dethatching lawn

Pros and cons of dethatching lawn

Has your lawn started to look dull with dull foliage and dead spots? If so, maybe you should consider dethatching it. Thatch may not seem like a problem initially, but over time, it may be detrimental to your lawn. Thatch often leads to poor air circulation and a decrease in sunlight penetration to your grass and the ground below. If you are wondering what you can do about your gradually worsening lawn, read on.
Grass turning brown despite watering

Grass turning brown despite watering? Here’s what to do

There's nothing worse than walking in your yard, taking in the beauty of nature only to look down and notice that your grass is turning brown despite how well you've been watering it. Don't worry, I've been there many times throughout my time gardening. So what are you meant to do? Let's find out below:
Does vinegar kill grass roots

Does vinegar kill grass roots

Many people use vinegar to kill weeds in their garden. However, almost everyone who uses or intends to use vinegar for their garden has this question, “Does vinegar kill grass roots?” Vinegar is a versatile DIY substance and is largely used as an herbicide and weed killer. It is acidic in nature and non-selective in action. In other words, vinegar can affect the growth of any plant it comes into contact with. However, it doesn’t kill the grassroots. Let me go over the specifics so you have a thorough understanding of how vinegar affects grass.
Will dish soap kill grass

Will dish soap kill grass? Let’s find out

To keep your garden beautiful and free from pests, bugs, and weeds, it’s important to maintain it the right way. Homeowners generally look for simple and effective ways to maintain the grass in their garden. Most of them resort to dish soaps to get rid of pests and take good care of the garden.