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Flowers that start with the letter N

There are many beautiful flowers in the world, but did you know that there are also some amazing flowers out there that start with the letter n? In this article, we will explore some of these amazing flowers and learn…

Flowers that start with letter M

Flowers that start with the letter M

The letter M is the starting point for many different plant species from all around the world. In fact, it’s not unlikely that you’ll see several of them if you go for a walk in your neighborhood. In this article…

snapdragon seeds

Dead snapdragons – Don’t ruin your plant

Snapdragons are one of my personal favorites. I love how they look in the garden, and I always get a kick out of looking at the dead flower heads that resemble that of a human skull. What's even more bizarre is if you squeeze them between your fingertips - the skull will open and close its mouth! But even I have to admit, they can be a bit temperamental, and deadheading them often leaves many gardeners confused. Let's explore dead snapdragons below:
eggplant growth

Eggplant growing stages – Find out here

Eggplants, also known as Aubergines (if you live across the pond in the UK) are fabulous fruits that can be used in a variety of dishes, from ratatouille to moussaka, or simply grilled as a delicious and healthy side dish. They are hardy perennial plants that can be grown without much hassle if cared for correctly. Let's find out about eggplant growing stages:
growing hydrangeas

What side of the house do you plant hydrangeas? Find out here

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers, aren't they? I love seeing them grow in and around my property, they just seem to breathe a new lease of life into things and really brighten the place up. The thing is, I wasn't always sure where the best place to plant them was. Join me below as I discuss the best side of the house to plant hydrangeas:
dianthus poisoning

Are dianthus poisonous to dogs? Let’s find out

Flowers are a lovely addition to any garden, they look stunning, they provide beautiful aromas and some of them can even be used as edible decorations. But, one thing you have to be careful of is ensuring that your furry friends don't end up consuming your dianthus. Some flowers can be poisonous to dogs if ingested and dianthus is one of them. Let's explore this below:

Flowers that start with the letter L

We continue our journey through the alpahbet of flowers with the letter L. Our favourites like lavender and lillies are included plus many more. How many can you guess? Table of Contents Lady Finger Cactus The Lady Finger Cactus, or…


Flowers that start with the letter J

Looking for a flower that starts with the letter J? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most popular flowers that start with the letter J. We will provide information on…


Flowers that start with the letter K

There are many various kinds of flowers that begin with the letter K, and each is unique in its own manner. These are just a few of the most popular flowers that begin with the letter K, so take a…

What does cherry blossom smell like

cherry blossom smell

The sight of cherry blossoms exploding in swaths of white and pink in the spring is nothing short of a spectacle. The stunning shades of pink blooms are something nobody wants to miss. As the saying goes, “shorter, the sweeter,” cherry blossoms have a short blooming season of just about ten days in the spring. As you walk by the cherry trees in your area, you might have noticed a faint smell. It may seem like a familiar smell, and you may be wondering, “What does cherry blossom actually smell like?” Let’s explore cherry blossoms and their scent.