Can You Paint Garden Sheds? Let’s find out!

The installation of garden sheds has risen drastically in recent years. During and after the pandemic, many people spent more time in their houses for various reasons. So, they continue to explore innovative ways to beautify their home, including adding a garden shed. When it comes to a garden shed, some homeowners are not sure whether to paint or not.

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Can you paint garden sheds?

Of course, you can paint your garden shed. It will give your garden space a lift. Moreover, it will provide extra weatherproofing to the shed so that you can use and enjoy it for longer. There are several aspects you need to consider when painting your garden shed. It’s because sheds take up a considerable amount of space and serve as a centre of attraction for many gardens. You need to ensure that it looks great and fits well into your garden’s aesthetic.

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What are the benefits of painting your garden shed?

Painting garden sheds come with a range of benefits, including:

  • Painting the garden shed offers added protection from weathering.
  • It is an amazing way to brighten up your living space.
  • It is a cheaper alternative to replacing the shed with a new one.
  • It is an opportunity to express your personality. The color and design you choose to paint your shed can become your style statement.
  • If your shed is too old, painting it can enhance it beautifully. Paint will rejuvenate the structure and make it appear better than before.
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Important aspects to consider when painting a shed

The most important aspects you should consider when choosing to paint a shed are the material it is made of and the type of paint you use. Let’s have a quick overview of the different kinds of materials sheds are normally made of and the paint types homeowners typically use.

Common types of materials garden sheds are made of

Plastic: Plastic is a common material used to make sheds. The best part about plastic sheds is that they generally come painted. You don’t have to fret much if you wish to change the colour or paint of your plastic shed because plastic is extremely resistant to deterioration. So, if you have a plastic shed, you can focus more on the other aesthetic aspects of your garden.

Wood: The most important consideration you’ll have to make for wood is its rough and uneven surface. First, check your wooden shed. If you notice some nooks and crannies, it means that the wood isn’t sanded perfectly. You’ll have to fill these out with paint.

Metal: A smooth and uniform material, metal is the easiest material to paint. You’ll have to remember just one thing when you paint metal. Make sure you paint it properly because any mistakes will be noticeable.

Both wood and metal should be repainted regularly to prevent rot and rust. On the other hand, in the case of plastic sheds, aside from cleaning occasionally, you don’t have to do any maintenance work.

Types of paint to consider 

Oil Paint: If you don’t live in a humid area, oil paint can be a great choice. The significant benefit of oil paint is that there isn’t much colour difference between application and drying. So, it is an excellent option for homeowners who are specific about this kind of detailing.

Acrylic Latex Paint: It is a water-based paint. It can be scrubbed off easily and hence it is a go-to paint if you intend to change the colour of your garden shed often. Moreover, it is easy to apply and maintain, making it the ultimate choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Enamel Paint: Enamel paint is actually colored varnish that comes with added minerals. Being both waterproof and chemical-proof, it offers a great deal of protection. It is an excellent choice of paint if you often work with appliances that can grease, leak oil, and so on. 

Well, if you don’t want to worry much about choosing the appropriate paint, specific paint brands are available on the market that manufactures paint customized for garden sheds. These brands offer a range of options, so there is no chance you’ll miss out on any colours you would want for your garden shed.

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Choosing the right paint colour for your shed

While choosing a colour to paint your garden shed might seem like a fun task, with so many options available, the process can become challenging. If you want to create a vibrant visual point in your garden, you can go with a bold, new colour that stands out or pick the same colour as your property’s exterior.

However, to enhance the aesthetic, your house and shed don’t have to necessarily be the same colour. You can consider picking the same colour hue or going with complimentary colours. This can also help create a sync between your home and shed.

Furthermore, the colours you pick may also depend on how you’ll be using your garden shed. For instance, a man cave, “She” shed, a play area for children, a home office, or just a storeroom. So, based on usage, you can choose colours for your shed.

A few other considerations when painting your shed

 Besides the paint and the material, there are a few other things you need to consider if you intend to make your shed more durable. Here are some other primary considerations you’ll need to make:

  • Apply stain instead of paint. If you want to display the elegance of your wooden garden shed, applying stain is an excellent option. Stain not only weathers more nicely than paint, but it also gives a more elegant and natural look.
  • Remember to paint the ceiling. Most homeowners forget to paint the interior part of the shed’s roof. You shouldn’t make the same mistake. The roofs normally experience the impact of heavy rains, so having an additional layer of protection so that water doesn’t drip into your shed is never a bad idea. So, don’t forget to paint the ceiling.
  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation. There should be some way for the air to enter or escape your garden shed. When there is enough ventilation, it prevents moisture from forming internally, which eventually improves the air quality. You can simply have openings in your shed where air can freely enter and exit while the rest of your shed is sealed.

Well, you might think that these considerations are way too much for a shed, but it’s always great to build things well so that you enjoy the benefits as well as save yourself from unnecessary problems down the road.

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How do you prepare your garden shed for painting?

Let’s take a quick look at how you can prepare your shed for painting:

First, clear out your space. Ensure that you can reach all angles and sides of the shed for painting. While it does take some time, it’s important that you totally clear out the shed before painting the interior. Doing so, you can keep all your stored items paint-free and clean. Moreover, you get enough space to move around easily. The exterior of your shed should also be accessible from all sides.

Clean the painting surfaces. You’ll have to prepare our painting surface to begin with. Use a diluted cleaner and a scrub brush to clean the surface you are going to paint. Remove all the dust, mould, dirt, and grime. If the surface is wood, you’ll have to wait until the surface has dried out completely before starting to paint.

Sand and fill in the holes. Based on the condition and age of your wooden garden shed, you may have to use sandpaper to go over its exterior surface. It not only removes any existing paint, but also helps smooth and even out the surface. Use the wood filler to fill any holes in your shed. Make sure the area is completely dried out before you start painting. After filling the holes, make sure you sand down these spots so that they are smooth and even.

Protect the surrounding areas. Keeping the plants and grass surrounding the shed safe from paint, cleaning chemicals, and sanding dust is crucial. To do this, you can use sheets or tarps to cover the nearby plants and other items in the surrounding area. When you’re painting the interior, cover the floor using a tarp so that the floor remains free from paint. You also need to add painter’s tape around the doors, windows, vents, handles, and other hardware in the shed to avoid paint dripping on them and keep them clean.

Pick the right day for painting. You’ll have to keep the weather and temperature in mind when choosing a day for the painting task. You should avoid painting in the snow and rain. However, you should avoid cold and humid weather conditions as well. Pick a warm, sunny day that isn’t too humid to carry out the painting work. It’s because when the weather is too cold or humid, it takes a longer time for the paint to dry.

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Can you paint a garden shed? Well, yes. I’m sure you’ve got the answer to your question, supported by relevant information. Let me summarise the important points for you:

  • Painting your garden shed comes with several benefits, including enhancing the visual appeal of your garden and offering protection from weathering.
  • Choose a paint colour that reveals your personality and aesthetic sense.
  • Based on the material your garden shed is made of, you’ve got to pick the right paint type.
  • You should prepare your shed before painting by clearing out the space, cleaning the painting surface, filling in the holes, and protecting the surrounding area properly.
  • Make sure you remember to paint the ceiling and there is sufficient ventilation in the shed.
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