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Mushrooms Growing in Mulch: A Simple Guide for Gardeners

kill mushrooms
Mushrooms growing in mulch can be a common sight in gardens and landscapes. Although these fungi are typically harmless and even beneficial in breaking down organic matter, some people may find their appearance a bit ugly or worry about the impact on their plants. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind mushrooms sprouting in mulch and explore some methods to tackle this issue.

Pea Gravel for Dogs (A Handy Guide for Pet Owners)

dog breeds enjoy digging
Pea gravel for dogs has become an increasingly popular choice among pet owners looking for a safe and low-maintenance option for their furry friends. Unlike some rough surfaces that can cause cuts or scrapes, pea gravel's rounded edges allow dogs to romp freely without the worry of injury.

Driveway gravel: gravel size chart

Driveway gravel gravel size chart
When it comes to crushed stone and gravel, there are different sizes or grades that you need to be aware of. Selecting the right product for your next project is important. Drainage, driveways, patios and roads require different types of gravel, so you need to make sure you are choosing the correct one for your driveway. In this article, I am going to walk you through the different sizes of driveway gravel and explain how to choose the best one for your needs.

Farm Fresh Eggs (Organic vs store eggs)

buying farm fresh eggs
Farm fresh eggs are laid by chickens that roam free and are fed a natural diet. These eggs are known for their rich flavor, bright yolks, and superior nutrition. Unlike factory-farmed eggs, which are often produced in cramped and stressful conditions, farm fresh eggs are laid by happy and healthy hens. They are a popular choice among health-conscious consumers who want to support sustainable and ethical farming practices.

How to Store Garden Potatoes (Tips for The Long Term)

homegrown potatoes
As a gardener, I take great pride in growing my own vegetables, including potatoes. However, storing them can be a challenge. If you store them incorrectly, they may rot or sprout before you have a chance to use them. In this article, I'll share my tips on how to store garden potatoes properly, so you can enjoy them all winter long.