10 tips to stop cats pooping in your garden

Cats are an animal that people love to have around all over the UK. 

They’re cute, fluffy and they can be very entertaining.

But there’s one thing that many garden owners don’t like: their neighbour’s cats going to the toilet in their garden. 

It might not seem like a big issue at first, but it can lead to some serious problems if left untreated.

There are plenty of ways that you can stop a cat from pooping in the garden, but certain methods will work better than others. 

In this article, we’ll give 10 tips on how to keep them out for good! From water sprays to citrus scents, have a read of these tips below!

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Things you need to know before you start

Cats don’t like anything that smells too citrusy, so if you can find a way to put some lemons or oranges around the edges of your garden this will help.

You should also invest in some water sprays and keep them on hand at all times just in case; cats hate being sprayed with water! Remember not to use it when they’re near food sources though, as this could cause problems for both parties involved.

Don’t forget about pets either – dogs are attracted by cat poo and may dig up places where there’s been evidence of an unwanted visitor. If possible make sure any plants which attract birds are away from areas frequented by pet traffic (e.g., birdbaths).

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1. Odour Repellent

Cats are a common problem for homeowners who enjoy gardening. Cats will explore the gardens in search of places to leave their mark, which is not always appreciated by owners when they’re out and about maintaining or harvesting produce from the garden. One way you can keep cats away is with strong scents that don’t appeal to them such as lavender, peppermint or cinnamon mixed water and sprayed around your plants.

You can combine citronella and water in a spray bottle to keep cats away. Another way is by using eucalyptus oil-soaked cloths or spraying surfaces with the mixture of Citronella & Water that will discourage them from entering spaces you want cat free! Don’t ever use essential oils on your own pets, as they lack an enzyme called glucuronidase which makes these oils poisonous if ingested or absorbed through their skin.

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2. Cats dislike citrus peels

If you have plants in your garden which are attractive to cats, then consider sprinkling citrus peels around the base of those plants. Citrus has a smell that is not natural to cats and they will avoid areas where it’s present. Cats don’t like anything too citrusy so if you can find any way to put some lemons or oranges around the edges of your garden this will help!

3. Motion-activated water sprinklers

Introducing an infra-red sprinkler in your garden is a great way to keep cats away. When the water shoots out, it scares them and they quickly learn not to enter that area again. It’s also easy for you because its effects are only temporary.

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4. Sound Motion Detectors

Similar to water sprinklers, a motion-activated sound machine will work as a deterrent. Cats, especially the ones that are used to hunting or being outdoors in rural settings, don’t like loud noises and they will avoid these areas if they know there’s one nearby.

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5. Light Reflection

Light is a good way to get rid of cats. Cats are nocturnal animals and will avoid light in order to not be seen by predators, so it’s really easy for you just have some lights on your garden at night! It might seem like an inconvenience when the sun sets but this could work well for you as they’ll never enter that area again, even if there isn’t any water around.

Forget about using high-powered spotlights or laser beams; the best option would be one with LEDs that don’t dazzle people and animals passing by. Another great way to use light reflection is by filling plastic water bottles with water and hang them from tree branches to create a reflective light.

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6. Bananas

Bananas are a great way to deter cats from entering your garden because they don’t like the smell. If you can find any way to put some bananas around the edges of your garden this will help!

You might also consider placing a small bowl or container with banana peelings in it near plants that are attractive for cats, which should keep them away from these areas and discourage them from coming back.

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7. Place twigs around your garden

Cats are a threat to flowerbeds. They don’t enjoy walking on prickly ground, so you can solve this problem by placing twigs or rough leaves in your garden bed for them to walk over instead of the flowers. This might not make it look pretty but it’s worth considering as an easy way to keep cats out!

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8. Old hose pipe

Cats hate anything that resembles snakes, so cut up an old hose pipe or a rolled-up tarp and place it around your garden. Cats will not want to walk over something that looks like a snake. It may seem like an old wives tale but it has been proven to work, so this is worth considering!

9. Purchase a dog

If you have a dog and they’re not in your garden the whole time, then it’s really worth considering getting one. Dogs are great at chasing cats away so if you can make sure that there is always one around to keep them out of your yard this will work well! Cat’s don’t really like their environments being disturbed, as well as loud noises and dogs are perfect for this because they’ll bark and bother them so the cats will most likely choose to stay away.

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10. Sprinkle mothballs

Honestly, there isn’t a reason why this works but it does. Mothballs are not something cats like and they’ll avoid anything that smells of them. If you’re feeling really spendy, this might be the option for you!


We hope this article has given you some insight as to how you can try and stop cats from pooping in your garden. We know that it’s not always a straightforward task, but with some research, you might find the perfect solution for this problem!

Frequently Asked Questions

Chilli powder will not deter cats from entering your garden. It is meant more for use in gardens to keep away rabbits, deer and other animals that may eat the plants.

Aluminium foil can work as a deterrent to cats from entering your garden. Cats don't like the sound and feel of it, so they'll avoid stepping on it or touching anything nearby that's covered in aluminium foil.

Citronella will deter cats. Cats don't like any strong smells, so they'll avoid this at all costs.

Vinegar is not proven to work as a cat repellent. It's thought that the smell of vinegar just masks any other scent or aroma, so cats might still be attracted to your garden if it smells like anything else!

Cats hate the sound of sirens and running water. If you can put some speakers outside with a constant stream of music, this will work well as cats don't like loud noises!

Male cats can help deter other male cats from entering your garden. It's not proven to work for females, but it might be worth considering if you're able to meet their needs or have space in your home! Male cats won't get along with any of the females so this is a good way to keep them out without using harmful methods that could affect wildlife and pets.

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