How to Turn Your Garden Shed Into a Bar: A Tip for DIYers

How to turn your shed into a bar… Do you have a garden shed that’s been gathering dust in the corner of your garden? If so, this article is for you. 

It can be tricky thinking of different ways of how to turn your old shed into an inviting outside bar that you and your guests can enjoy, but luckily for you, this article is here to help!

We will teach you how to turn that dusty old garden shed into a bar where you can spend time with friends and family all year round. 

You’ll need some space, but once you’re done, it will be worth it!

All it requires is a little bit of patience, no how and persistence. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

how to turn your shed into a bar

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Preparing your old shed

old garden shedBefore you begin, make sure that you have enough space in your back garden. You will need at least 48 inches of depth and 80 square feet of floor space (the size of an average bedroom). Once you’re ready to get started, take out anything that is going to take up space. You may also want to think about finding a new home for those garden tools and other items that you may need at a later date.

Now, it’s time to take measurements of the space. Measure and mark out the size from one sidewall to another on both sides of your shed (the depth should be measured at an angle). If you’re lucky enough to have a summer house or gazebo in your garden that is not being used, then this would be a perfect alternative to achieve the same result.

Once you are happy that you have made enough space, it’s time to start thinking about what you want your shed bar to look like. Is it going to be a traditional pub-style with bottles and glasses lined up along the side? Perhaps you are more of a wine drinker who wants an English cellar feel, or, are you are looking to have more of a rustic and country-style atmosphere?

What paint should I use on my garden shed?

wood painting tipsWhen it comes to painting your shed, we recommend using water-based paint. This type of paint is easier to use and won’t contain any harmful chemicals that can be hazardous for you or the environment. It also dries much more quickly than oil-based paints which means less time spent on painting!

You’ll need to make sure that the surface you are applying the paint onto has been cleaned properly before starting work as this will help with achieving an even finish when it’s dry (see our previous blog post about preparing sheds).

Add some painters tape around areas such as door frames where there should not be any colour – this will create a clean line once the job is done! We would also recommend using a primer before too. Find out how to paint a garden shed in this article.

Do you need permission to build a bar in your garden?

No. You don’t need permission to build a bar in your garden if you are the property owner and have not applied for planning permission or listed building consent.

However, before starting any work on your shed it is worth checking with all relevant authorities (such as the local council) that there are no restrictions against your plan.

How do you insulate a shed for a bar?

  • A building insulationshed insulation tips layer such as boards, plywood or polystyrene.
  • Paint or varnish to protect the wood from moisture damage and general wear and tear.
  • Tools for constructing a bar in your garden shed: **drill with drill bits, screwdriver, hammer, saw (for cutting wood)

Can you get a professional to build your garden shed bar?

Yes. You can hire a builder to construct your bar for you, and they will be able to advise on insulation options as well. The work may cost around £750 depending on the size of the shed and any additional requirements such as heating or lighting.

If you are not confident in undertaking DIY projects yourself, then hiring a builder is an investment worth considering during the construction phase.”

A professional might also have suggestions about how to organise your garden so that it looks nicer when guests come over – which could help avoid awkward conversations about where people should stand! They might even design bespoke furniture for inside your new bar area if necessary, but obviously, this will incur further costs.

Choose wall-mounted for small spaces

A hanging bar can be the perfect companion to a cramped patio or balcony. It takes up minimal space, and is simple enough for anyone with basic DIY skills to install in their backyard without breaking into that beer fund!

Things you’ll need:

  • Hanging bar with pipe and two brackets.
  • Pipe cut to length (length depends on how high you want your hanging beer garden shed) x pipe connector, e.g. union joint or threaded elbow fitting for both ends of the pipes.
  • Brackets: **two bolts and four nuts that will fit onto each bracket’s wall plate – a washer is needed as well for one end of each bolt (these are found at hardware stores). The screws need to be long enough so they can go through the brackets into the wood planks below; i.e., they should reach about 20 cm deep into the ground/planks to hold all weight without breaking.

Styling your garden shed bar

When it comes to stylizing your home bar, the sky is the limit! Here are some tips for those who want to add a little bit of jazz into their home bar:

  • Hang up twinkly fairy lights all around the bar area.
  • Add pumpkins, corn stalks and other seasonal decorations as well.
  • You can decorate the walls with your favourite “man cave” items such as posters, sports memorabilia and pictures of friends.
  • Add a TV if you want to watch football games or Big Brother while sitting on bar stools.
  • Use furniture like pool tables, ping pong table or foosball for entertainment purposes.
  • Hang garden lights so that you have an outdoor ambience in your shed at night times – it’ll feel like summer all year round!

Install a keg in the shed for easy serving

install beer kegThe best way to turn your shed into a bar is by installing a keg in it. There are many different types of beer available on the market so that you can find one that suits your taste. You’ll also need:

  • A CO₂ tank and regulator if you want draft beers (or use cans or bottles)
  • Beer line cleaning kit with faucet/tap cleaner for sparkling clean lines every time!

Positioning furniture

The aim is to make your garden shed bar as comfortable as possible, the best way to do this is by thinking about the seating arrangements. You can either situate chairs around the bar or add an outdoor rug to make it more comfortable. You can also add a few plants and flowers for that extra touch.

Other garden bar accessories

drip traysIf you are wanting to give your garden bar more of a wow factor, then you could invest in some garden bar accessories. This might be an idea if you are looking to host a party or get together with friends and family, which will help the setting come alive.

  • A couple of large candles for outdoor use
  • Drip trays so water doesn’t spill on surfaces near where food is being served (a must)
  • Hot plates can also be useful as they keep drinks warm throughout the winter months without having them spilling over onto other surfaces!

How to turn your shed into a bar – Bring your vision to life

We hope the above points will give you the confidence to take on your own DIY project and create a garden bar that you can use all year round. If you get stuck at any stage, just remember there are tons of tutorial videos on youtube where you can find some helpful tips.

Good luck!

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