Flowers Starting With The Letter E

Flowers Starting With The Letter E… Many people love flowers. They are beautiful, smell nice and can brighten up a room. Flowers have been used as symbols for many things throughout history, from the Christian Holy Trinity to fertility or just as an expression of love.

Everyone loves flowers. Florals are used as table centrepieces and garden adornments, and they’re both beautiful and elegant. Floral hairpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and other floral customs may be seen in wedding and prom rituals.

Flowers have a certain allure to them, but there are so many distinct kinds! There’s undoubtedly one we’ve never seen before. Are you looking for flower names to help you? If that’s the case, the list of flower names below can assist you.

This article will explore different types of flowers that start with the letter E. From, Echinacea to Evening Primrose, you’ll be sure to find the perfect flower.

Flower Names E

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The Echinacea flower is also known as the coneflowers. They are often seen in gardens, and they come in various colours including cream, pink or purple. These flowers have a huge impact on the overall look of the garden because their petals can reach up to six inches wide.

Echinacea flower

Echium. (Boraginaceae)

Echium are endemic to the Canary Islands. Their flowers can be evergreen or deciduous depending on their location, and they have a blueish-purple colour. The Echium plant is also commonly known as “Blue Bedder.”

Echium. (Boraginaceae)


This type of tree blooms eucalyptus during springtime. It happens all around Australia which makes it easy for people who visit this country to spot these plants everywhere! People use products that contain eucalyptol oil from these trees due to its ability to help with colds and other respiratory illnesses caused by viruses like influenza.

Eucalyptus flowers

English Bluebells

English Bluebells are often found in the UK. This flower blooms during springtime, and it is known for its blue flowers with purple streaks inside them. The English Bluebell has a sweet fragrance that makes everyone smile when they smell these flowers!

English Bluebells


This plant grows along riverbanks or near ponds where there’s plenty of water present. Although this flower blooms all around Europe, North America also enjoys elderflowers as well because people sell dried versions of these plants to make tea which helps relieve cold symptoms like fever and sore throat pain.  

Elderflower flowers

Erigeron (Seaside Daisy)

These types of flowers have a bright golden yellow colour in the middle which is why they are also called the Seaside Daisy. They grow from June to September, and you can easily spot them along roadsides or in public gardens as well! People love using Erigeron because it has essential oils that help soothe muscles after workouts.

Erigeron (Seaside Daisy)

Eustoma (Lisianthus)

Lisianthus or Eustoma has a beautiful purple flower with golden accents. Each Lisianthus bloom is approximately two inches in size, and their petals have a velvety touch to them that makes these flowers look even more gorgeous!

Eustoma (Lisianthus)

Evening Primrose

If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, evening primrose is a perfect choice! These flowers have five to eight petals that are yellowish in colour. They also have a distinct scent but it’s not too strong either because it can be described as being “floral”.

Evening Primrose is good for skin conditions like acne and eczema due to its vitamin content which includes essential fatty acids. You may even find this type of flower or oil within hair care products that promise soft hair benefits.

Evening Primrose

Everlasting Daisy (Strawflower)

Everlasting Daisy is also known as strawflower. This flower blooms during the summer months, and it has white petals with yellow centres. You can easily recognize this flower due to its unique look which most people describe as looking like a daisy that’s been flattened out!

Everlasting Daisy (Strawflower)

Euphorbia cyathophor (Mexican Fireplant, Summer Pointsettia)

Euphorbia are small green plants that have a red or yellow flower in the centre. This type of plant is commonly seen along California roadsides, and it’s also referred to as Mexican Fireplant because its bright colours make it stand out during summertime!

Euphorbia cyathophor


When it comes to picking the perfect flower for any occasion, there are many options. Whether you’re looking for flowers that start with E or flowers of all different colours and types, we’ve got you covered! These plants can be found in gardens across Europe as well as California roadsides during summertime.

You may also find these plants within hair care products because they come with essential fatty acids which make them great for skin conditions like acne and eczema due to their vitamin content. Regardless if you want a small everlasting daisy type flower or something more exotic like an evening primrose plant we have you covered.

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