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My yard is always wet and muddy

My yard is always wet and muddy. How to fix it!

You take pride in your yard, I know that. When you first walk onto your lawn and feel that cold, wet mud squish over your shoe, it's not a particularly pleasant sensation is it? A wet and muddy lawn can be a pain. Let's be honest, nobody wants their garden to resemble the final day of the Glastonbury festival. So fear not! I have some tips on how to fix it:
How to get rid of black fly on broad beans main feature image

How to get rid of black fly on broad beans

Blackfly also referred to as bean aphid, and beet leaf aphid are small, black sap-sucking insects that are often found in gardens. The adults are about 1-2mm in size and have a pointed head and thorax. They also have wings, which they use to fly from plant to plant.
Can you freeze fresh cherries main feature image

Can you freeze fresh cherries?

Yes! Freezing cherries is a great way to preserve their flavor and nutritional value. It's a really simple process and by following a few simple steps, you can enjoy this delicious fruit in all sorts of ways like putting them in smoothies, making pies and turning them into a cobbler.
Repotting Snake Plant What Soil Mix to Use and What To Do main feature image

Repotting Snake Plant: What Soil Mix to Use and What To Do

We recently completed a little transplanting job of what we like to call the "Sansevieria Switch," which is where we took our snake plants out of their old pots and repotted them into new ones. We thought it would be interesting for you to see how we repot them, as well as what soil mix we use.
Artificial Grass Between Pavers - How To Install feature image

Artificial Grass Between Pavers – How To Install

Installing artificial grass between pavers was one of our more recent initiatives to make an outside living area as attractive as possible. We had a plan of installing synthetic turf ribbons between pavers, and we needed the layout to be waterproof, drainable, and pet-resistant. Pets will inevitably use it as a toilet (we love them all the same regardless) and this is something many people forget to consider!
How To Turn Fairy Liquid Into The Best Moss Killer main feature image

How To Turn Fairy Liquid Into The Best Moss Killer

Cleaning moss from the garden and patio is one of the most difficult tasks for a gardener to deal with as rainfall increases. Moss dies during the summer. Unfortunately, though, it grows back as precipitation levels increase and becomes a permanent part of the garden throughout autumn and winter, even if it has died before.
How to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs main feature image

How to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs

While trees and shrubs are living beings, you can also look at them as investments whose value grows with time. When provided with the right care, trees and shrubs remain in good health and grow at a good pace.
How To Get Rid Of Nutsedge main feature image

How To Get Rid Of Nutsedge?

Have you ever wondered what the term ‘nutsedge’ means? If you take great pains to maintain a healthy lawn or garden in the vicinity of your house, nutsedge is one word you should familiarize yourself with. Nutsedge, also known as nutgrass, sedge grass and watergrass, can be best described as a grass-like weed that you will come across in most lawns. The weed is characterized by its triangular stem, which is why it is often mistaken for grass. Nutsedge grows at a very rapid pace and can be quite difficult to control.
How to Keep Pests Out of the Garden main feature image

How to Keep Pests Out of the Garden?

Pests are unwanted creatures in every organic garden. They usually cause minor damages which can be controlled with regular plant care. However, if you allow them to go unattended for too long, they may spread and inflict real damage to your plants, which are sometimes untreatable.
cosmos seedlings leggy

Cosmos seedlings leggy? Here’s What To Do

Ahh, the dreaded leggy cosmos seedlings, it's annoying when that happens, isn't it? There's something quite therapeutic about growing flowers from seed, it's almost something that feels intrinsically right. This process of seed germination has been carried out since the dawn of time. It's one of Mother Natures' natural wonders. So how can this simple process go wrong? They've almost grown too tall and are now a bit droopy. Let's find out how we can fix this: